Attitudes pre marital sex christians

They must be allowed to find release for pent-up sexual frustrations. It hardly need be said that the world in which we live is one filled with the great abomination of sexual sin. When he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground. Next Article The substance of these articles was first given as a speech for the Adult Fellowship, or A. These teachings are based on oppressive Christian traditions that have no biblical basis other than ignorance. An Exploration of Love and Marriage.

Attitudes pre marital sex christians

The subject was chosen by the A. Any pastor who has counseled those who have been involved in this sin will know something of the great anguish it brings. The very prevalence of this sin can easily make us forget how horrible it is in the sight of God. It was not wrong for a man because a woman had no such property rights. It hardly need be said that the world in which we live is one filled with the great abomination of sexual sin. That is, Christian denominations do vary in the extent to which they oppose premarital sex, and Pentecostals emerged as the most opposed at least in Kenya. Casual sex is rampant in many societies. It is said that marriage is not absolutely necessary. Marriage is no guarantee that we will succeed in this, but it does help us attain those values. The reason for this was that in biblical times adultery was defined as a situation in which there was the danger of a married woman being impregnated by another man. Indeed, precisely because unmarried couples cannot rely on the support of a marital bond to foster those values, it is all the more critical that if they engage in sexual intercourse, they must consciously strive to live by them. Some versions though do mistranslate the Greek word pornei, which means sexual immorality, into the English word fornication, which means sexual intercourse with someone who one is not married to. Thus Judaism is not being irrational, prudish, old fashioned, unrealistic, or mean in demanding that we limit our sexual intercourse to the context of marriage; it is rather responding to concerns that are at least as real and important in the fragmented society of today as they were in the more stable society of times past. You are encouraged as young people to read these passages of Scripture carefully. The Torah does not outlaw premarital sex It doesn't outlaw many other types of sexual relationships either. There is undeniably some danger of such misunderstanding. Virginity is a very great and precious possession. All of this is nothing but a ruse. Temple prostitution was actually the practice of the prostitutes in the Temples of Corinth selling their services as a part of the worship of a pagan fertility goddess, which was what Paul was warning against when he spoke of uniting the members of Christ with a prostitute in I Corinthians 6: Today however, because most women are of a comparable status to men in most parts of the Christian world, there is no market value for daughters in Christian cultures. Sexual sin is a horrible sin. The deep joy and excitement and fulfillment of the sexual union are all part of God's good creation. It is especially striking how many of these kinds of books have been written by authors claiming to be Christians. Even Solomon, a great prophet of the Bible who was said to be favored by God had seven hundred princesses and three hundred concubines. Pederasty was one of the worst of all sexual sins and it took on many forms. So, is there hope? Another example of premarital sex in the Old Testament is given in Deuteronomy

Attitudes pre marital sex christians

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