How to tell sex of your chicks

Left thumb pushes on lower abdomen. Fortunately, the trained eye can still discern differences between the true male process and the female protuberance at hatch. Gold breed roosters include Rhode Island Reds and the buff varieties of the following breeds: How to Sex Chickens: Comb and wattle size: Therefore, the egg's form cannot indicate the sex of the chick it will produce. Also the tops of their heads are more reddish-brown. But you can't wait more than a day or two to vent sex a chick. Some, however, have a black head spot and are pullets.

How to tell sex of your chicks

Important Note It is easier to sex chicks if you have a few so you can compare their colouring and markings. Male chicks may start to crow from around 12 weeks old but they can start much later. He has a smaller bulb, a flat bulb, a bulb that protrudes downward instead of up or a grooved bulb that looks more like a fold than a male process. Do not dispatch male chicks until you are certain that they are males. The occasional case he's unsure of goes back into the unsorted box to be examined again later. Not so, however, with two pullets out of five. Yet you can't be too queasy about hurting the little birds, or you'll never get their vents open far enough to expose the phallus and will end up trying to make guesses about the upper cloacal folds. The problem is that if the chick isn't evacuated beforehand, the feces seep into the cavity as you spread the vent apart. If you're not swift about completing the check — or if you press down on the lower part of the abdomen as you pinch back the right edge of the vent — another glob of feces will erupt and coat the cavity. Males have a large white spot while females have a smaller, lighter, more narrow spot. Some say that you can sex chickens by the shape of the eggs from which they'll hatch. How to Identify Pullets and Cockerels Depending on the breed of your chicks, there are four ways to reliably separate the males from the females. In these cases the juvenile coloring is a sex-linked characteristic. Cockerels hatch out either with no wing feathers or with just a touch of sprout at the tip. Barred Rock hens crossed with any brown-head rooster, or with any black or buff variety, produce black males with white head spots and yellow beaks, shanks and toes. Here are some of the features to observe when trying to determine the sex of your chicken: This procedure takes more time and is certainly messier, but it works. The cloacal folds rearrange in the meantime, and the process becomes easier to sex. Over and over he scoops up a chick with his left hand, expels its droppings with a squeeze of his thumb, opens its vent with his fingers, peers through the magnifying lenses attached to his spectacles and determines its sex. That is not to say that pullets cannot be assertive or aggressive, they can. The question of gender is important to many chicken keepers for a variety of reasons, most commonly because roosters are either not allowed in the neighborhood or not needed in a backyard flock. Then he deposits the tiny bird in one of two bins. Lyle, however, depends entirely on making a visual check with his eyes. Lyle Scheline's large, blunt fingers and make-light-of-it modesty belie the deftness and coordination necessary for his fast, decisive skill. Some sorters use the right index finger to test the tissues for elasticity. Male chicks can strut from an early age with their chests out and head in the air.

How to tell sex of your chicks

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    This is the stance a hen assumes when they have reached sexual maturity and are approached by a rooster for mating. My goal is to give you some basic tools to learn to distinguish male chicks from female chicks, cockerels from pullets and roosters from hens.


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