Richard and kahlan sex fanfiction

There was a small bell with a string situated at the entrance of the tent that could be rung from the outside to alert the occupants of the tent that there was someone waiting beyond the tent walls for them. A rosy nipple peaked out, Richard's mouth instantly catching the bud. I need you, by my side, to survive. She was so close. Kahlan held the blade in her hand for a moment, testing the weight and then thanked Cara with a kiss to her cheek, to which Cara mumbled "You're welcome" awkwardly under her breath as she fidgeted with the whip in her hands.

Richard and kahlan sex fanfiction

Therefore it probably sucks and I think I'mma stop writing smut. Their hearts hammered against their chests, and she felt him sigh. She would get the last laugh. It was slow, and lazy, tongues licking over lips and massaging the other as lips meshed. He'd had to dream of touching her for months. Kahlan sighed and trembled slightly as Cara worked Richard with her mouth, her fingers clutching at the material of her dress minutes later as the blonde's right hand lifted so that her fingers could gently stroke the length of Richard's shaft. Fire coursed through her veins, she wanted that tongue on her, she wanted to feel him moving inside her. Pushing up on her knees, she attempted to move his hands, wanting him to keep touching her. She gasped when she felt his knuckles brush against her sex, feeling the wetness pooling from her center now. Her moan let him know that she too was ready for another session. Cara smiled wolfishly and kissed her again. On the rare occasions when they had all been able to share a bed, Richard had complained of bruises the next morning from Cara jabbing him in the night to make him stop snoring. It had taken six long months to do, but here he sat. She found the red handsome on him, and had made sure he'd known that before he'd left. However, as she tugged off her right boot and lifted her leg to pull off the second, her eyes drifted to the center of the room and she paused as her eyes caught sight of Cara and Richard. His eyes were full of mischief, fully aware that she was taking in everything that belonged to her. The pleasure coursed through her channel, her inner walls pulsing and muscles clenching to keep him there, to tug him in further. Cara was still on her knees before Richard with an absolutely murderous look on her face as she stared at the entrance to the tent, and Richard looked pained as his hips twitched with the effort of keeping himself from bucking into Cara's hand, which was still holding his hardness. Legend of the Seeker Pairing: She tried to push down, to rub herself against him more but he pulled his hand back. Although, he knew they had the rest of their lives to try for a heir to the D'Haran Empire, and to continue the line of Confessors. His form perked up, face lighting in a bright smile. Richard, she knew, wanted to watch as he claimed her; as he disappeared inside of her over and over, and she creamed at the thought. The Confessor took a deep, fortifying breath when she reached the entrance and then carefully parted the opening so that she could stick her head out to speak to whoever had come to call without revealing the interior of the tent to their visitor. Richard's hand moved slightly again and Cara shook her head faintly, drawing her hand from the inside of his shirt. Kahlan, I love your rules and regulations for the Seeker! Kahlan aided in his undressing, keeping her eyes from feasting upon the length she would soon feel sheathed deep within her, it made her slick with copious wetness, coating her lower lips and inner thighs.

Richard and kahlan sex fanfiction

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    She tried to push down, to rub herself against him more but he pulled his hand back. Kahlan sighed and rose, reluctantly moving to the entrance of the tent.


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